About Konektr

Konektr is a premium platform dedicated to helping social media personalities and their fans interact on a whole new level through video calls, chats, live contests, exclusive content and challenges.

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Become a Konektr Publisher

Generate instant revenue by publishing exclusive content, developing direct relationships with your most avid fans and accomplishing challenges.

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Konektr MeetUPs

Dream big. You could be the next...

Konektr campaign gives you an incredible chance to win a life-changing experience. Let’s get this party started! Find your winning post bellow.

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Konektr Contest

We’re always looking for entertaining ways we can give back to creators & fans. Konektr Contest are a way for creators to challenge themselves to produce something a bit out-there and your fans can boost your rankings on the leaderboard through claps. The more claps, the higher your chances of winning.

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