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Awesome experience.

What are Konektr MeetUps

Participate in the event of a lifetime where you can meet other creators, influencers, and personalities at first-class destinations and resorts around the world. Win content contests for the chance to get the all-expense-paid experience.

Konektr Contest

We’re always looking for entertaining ways we can give back to creators. Konektr Contests are a way for creators to challenge themselves to produce the best content they can and their followers boost their rankings in the leaderboard via claps. The winner receives a cash or other exciting prizes.

We’re awarding $3,000 this month to the amazing creators who delight and inspire others around the world.


How the Contest

Make new post and collect claps from your fans and all Konektr users who like's your post. Get more Claps via promoting your content on social media and ask for support from your followers. Check the live on-site and in-app leaderboard to see where you rank.



2 500 credits
1 500 credits
1 000 credits


Anyone can participate in the Content Contest The contest takes place in two-week periods during which you’ll have between the 1st-14th and the 15th-30th to upload your content.

Your ranking only reflects the amount of claps you receive

10 Most Popular Posts

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