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Are you an influencer with a substantial number of followers? Register to Konektr as a content creator and we'll get back to you wihtin 24 hours with your account verification.

Imbed your Konektr profile link in your social media bios to drive traffic to your page.

Check your earnings and profile data to track your page traffic and interactions.

Uplaod consistent, quality content and let your followers know that you're available for fully ecnrypted one-on-one paid video calls.

Livestreams & Challenges

Konektr Livestreams let you create special moments to help bring your audience together in a fun and engaging way. Go live and host Q&As, tutorials, or just hang out with your followers. With Streams you can schedule a live room, set a pay-per-view price and go live with other creators. Your viewers can tip you to show their love and send challenges to spice things up.

Create & Post

Seamlessly upload photos and videos and give your fans access to exclusive content. While basic posts can be viewed for free, with Premium content, your fans pay to view your best works using credits. Make sure to promote any new content updates across your other social media channels.

Collect Credits & Earn

Konektr is a one-of-kind app where you can collect virtual credits via your exclusive content, video calls live streams, and challenges. Once you decide you can effortlessly cash out your earnings via our partnered transfer wise service.

Call & Interact

Konektr video calls give your fans the opportunity to truly connect with you. Share experiences and knowledge you’ve gathered during your journey as a creator, ask your followers questions and have a good time. You earn credits for every minute you’re on call.